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  • School Timetabling for Quality Student and Teacher Schedules, T. Birbas, S. Daskalaki, E. Housos, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, Department of Engineering Sciences University of Patras, Rio Patras GREECE (Abstract)
  • SchedSP: A Grid-based application service provider of scheduling solutions, Goulas G., Alefragis P. and Housos E., Software: Practice and Experience, 2005, Volume 35, Issue 12, pp. 1195-1216
  • An Integer Programming Formulation for a Case Study in University Timetabling, Daskalaki S., Birbas T., Housos E., European Journal of Operational Research, February 2004, Volume 153, Issue 1, pp. 117-135
  • Efficient trip generation with a rule modeling system for crew scheduling problems, C. Goumopoulos, E. Housos, Journal of Systems and Software, January 2004, Volume 69, Issues 1-2, pp. 43-56
  • A Column Generation Approach for the Timetabling Problem of Greek High Schools, Papoutsis K., Valouxis C., and Housos E., Journal of Operational Research Society 2003;54:230-238
  • Data mining for decision support on customer insolvency in telecommunications business, S. Daskalaki, I. Kopanas, M. Goudara and N. Avouris, European Journal of Operational Research, March 2003
  • SchedSP: Providing GRID-enabled Real-World Scheduling Solutions as Applications Services, Goulas G., Housos E., Euroweb 2002 Conference, W3C, Oxford, UK, 2002
  • Constraint Programming Approach for School Timetabling, Valouxis C., and Housos, E., Computers & Operations Res, 2002
  • PLEIADES: An Internet-based parallel/distributed system, Koulopoulos D., Papoutsis K., Goulas G. and Housos, E. Software: Practice and Experience 32, pp 1035-1049, 2002
  • A UML based Engineering Support System for the Development of Distributed Control Applications, C. Tranoris, K. Thramboulidis, Workshop on Computer Science and Information Technologies CSIT, 2002
  • Spy: A Method to Secure Clients for Network Services. R.J. Lipton, S. Rajagopalan and D.N. Serpanos.  In the Proceedings of ADSN 2002 (A workshop of IEEE ICDCS 2002), Vienna, Austria, July 2, 2002
  • Active Hardware Attacks and Proactive Countermeasures. A.G. Voyiatzis and D.N. Serpanos. In the Proceedings of IEEE ISCC 2002. Taormina, Italy, July 2-4 2002
  • Bluetooth Security: Link Layer Weaknesses. A.G. Voyiatzis and D.N. Serpanos. In WLAN Security 2002 Conference. Paris, France, June 25-28 2002
  • Combined Bus and Driver Scheduling, Valouxis C, Housos E., Computers & Operations Research Journal, 2001
  • Evaluation of Distance-learning Environments: Impact of Usability on Student Performance, Tselios N., Avouris N., Dimitracopoulou A, Daskalaki S., International Journal of Educational Telecommunications, vol 7(4), 355-378, 2001
  • Human Interaction with Environmental Information Systems, Avouris N.M., Environmental Interdisciplinary Review, vol 3, no 1, pp. 134-144, June 2001
  • Experimentations exploratoires sur l'utilisation d'un environnement informatique de modelisation par petits groupes d'eleves, Komis V., Dimitracopoulou A., Politis P., Avouris N., Sciences et Techniques Educatives, Vol. 8, no 1-2, April 2001, pp.75-86
  • Using RT-Linux for the Interconnection of Industrial Fieldbuses, Chris Tranoris, Stefanos Aslanis, Kleanthis Thramboulidis, First National Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanical Engineering, Greece, Patras, 2001
  • Defense against Man-in-the-Middle Attack in Client-Server Systems with Secure Servers. D.N. Serpanos and R.J. Lipton. In the Proceedings of IEEE ISCC 2001. Hammammet, Tunisia, July 3-5, 2001
  • Hybrid Optimization Techniques for the Workshift and Rest Assignment of Nursing Personnel, Valouxis C, Housos E., Artificial Intelligence in Medicine, 20 (2), 2000
  • Parallel Integer Optimization for Crew Scheduling,P. Alefragis, P. Sanders, T. Takkula and D. Wedelin, Annals of Operations Research, 99(1), 141-166, 2000
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