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  • GSRT PAVE - NE - AIRLIFT, 2002-2003 (E. Housos)
    In co-operation with AIRLIFT and the Industrial Systems Institute (ISI). The objective of the program is the creation of an information and decision support system for the AIRLIFT fleet of helicopters
  • IST - ModellingSpace, 2002-2003 (N. Avouris )
    ModellingSpace Client Software has been developed by the University of Patras in the frame of the ModellingSpace Project (IST-2000-25385) funded by the European Commission. In the project participate: the University of Patras (GR), the University of the Aegean (GR), the University of Angers (F), the New University of Lisbon (PT), the University of Mons-Hainaut (B), and SchlumbergerSema (SP)
  • Funding Programme "K. Karatheodoris" - ASPIS, 2002-2004 (D. Serpanos )
    ASPIS: Development of a Distributed Denial of Service Attacks - Protection system for networks. Funding Agency: University of Patras, Research Committee, Funding Programme "K. Karatheodoris" 
  • GSRT PENED - PLEIADA, 1999-2001 (E. Housos)
    Internet based Parallel/Distributed system for the solution of scheduling problems. In cooperation with the Department of Informatics of the University of Athens and the Computer Technology Institute (CTI)
  • GSRT - SYN - SHIFTS, 1997-2001 (E. Housos)
    In co-operation with IMME and KTEL Ahaias. The main objective of the program was the creation of optimal schedules for the busses and the drivers
  • ESPRIT: Parallel Large Scale Automatic Scheduling (PAROS), 1996-1999 (E. Housos)
    An airlines high performance scheduling system developed in co-operation with Lufthansa, Carmen Systems & Chalmers University. CSL mainly researched and developed tools for parallel processing and development on a network of workstations using the PVM and MPI protocols. CSL also investigated the use of parallel column generation techniques
  • ESPRIT - ESSI - ORASIS, 1994-1995 (K. Thramboulidis )
    Executed in co-operation with Knowledge. The program deals with software production process improvement with the use of Object Oriented Technologies throughout the various development phases (requirement analysis, outline definition, planning and development)
  • ESPRIT - Day-to-Day Resources Management Systems ( DAYSY), 1993-1996 (E. Housos, K. Thramboulidis )
    An airline resources management system performed in co-operation with Lufthansa, Sema Group & Cosytec. CSL has undertaken the responsibility to investigate and develop a legality checking module and a special purpose rule-language that validates the correctness of airline crew scheduling solutions based on a set of configurable pre-defined rules
  • GSRT - STRIDE - LIGHT, 1992-1995 (E. Housos, K. Thramboulidis )
    An industrial automation project organized by the Applied Electronics Laboratory of the Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Patras in co-operation with Amstel, Misco, Nomikos, Kouros, Leon and Siamidis
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